The Nigeria map jigsaw is a game that let players learn about Nigeria(Culture, History, politics), the game is educational and fun,it’s good for all ages. There are 2 aspects to the game which makes it fun for players. There is the map jigsaw and the general knowledge


The map jigsaw uses Nigeria map with the states cut out as the puzzle pieces, the players have to arrange the states on the map. The map jigsaw has 3 levels of the game.


The map has the state boundary lines shown on the map and the player has to find the states in the panel that correspond to its actual location on the map. If correct the piece will be fixed.


The map does not have state boundary lines, the player has to pick a panel with the state name attached and drag it to its position, if correct the piece will be fixed.


The map does not have state boundary lines and the panels do not have the names of the states attached, player has to place all the states on the panel on their positions, if correct the piece will be fixed and the name of the state will show.


There is an extra hint in placing the state by using coins, if activated, the position will be highlighted to show where the piece is supposed to be fixed.


There is a leaderboard where the time players finish any of the map jigsaw is recorded against their username, so it’s possible for friends to have a mini tournament to see who’s faster in any of aspect of the map jigsaw.


The general knowledge aspect of the game contain 254 questions in 3 formats.

#Multiple choice questions

#Fill in the blank


The questions are easy to answer, there are questions on Sports, politics, history, tourism and are all Nigeria related questions. It helps players to learn about Nigeria.


There are 4 options to choose the right answer from, if the player answer the question correctly the option goes green and if wrong the option goes red, for every question answered correctly the player gets 10 coins.


There are jumbled letters that the player can choose from to answer a question. From looking at the letters it is possible for the player to figure out the answer, if a wrong letter is placed on the answer section it would not stay fixed it will automatically return to its original position, that shows that’s not the right letter to place.


There is true or false option to choose from, if the player get the question the option goes green, if wrong it goes red.


There are hints to help in both aspects of the game. There are two ways of earning coins, players can buy coins or get rewarded for every map pieces they play correctly and every correct answers in the general knowledge area.

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